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Westtown’s Summer Academic Program offers students across the globe a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in courses that are rigorous, collaborative, and emphasize critical thinking and self-reflection.

Summer Academics

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Education at Westtown doesn’t stop at skills and knowledge. Westtown guides students to ignite their unique spark and illuminate their true purpose.


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Westtown School can make the difference between your child being changed by the world… and your child being a force for change in the world.


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Students in a greenhouse
Teachers who make learning fun, a campus that inspires, and the uplifting support of a spirit-led community.


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School sidewalk
Through the pandemic, Westtown is prioritizing our community values and evidence-based scientific guidance to keep our community safe.


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Response to Investigation Findings and Westtown's Ongoing ABAR Work

The conclusion of the independent investigation into allegations of racism at Westtown shared on Instagram last summer brings us to an important moment in our anti-bias, anti-racism (ABAR) work. In concert with Martha Bryans '68 on behalf of the Board, and Danielle Toaltoan '03 and Lu Castillo '80 on behalf of the Trustees' Action Committee, I write to summarize the school's response to the findings of fact returned by our investigators and to share our next steps. This summary is rendered with candor, but also with due attention to confidentiality. Thank you, friends, for reading it with respect for that necessary balance — and thank you for coming with us on this journey.

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Back to School Post-Pandemic: Tips to Prepare Your Child

by Maria Alonso & Jessica Morley

As we look toward fall and what we all hope will be a “more normal” start of school, there is a sense of excitement as well as a sense of concern. Many children have been home for a full year or more and on top of the normal start-of-school jitters and butterflies, they have the added weight of post-pandemic re-entry fears. We asked our psychology team here at Westtown to share some advice to help children of all ages prepare for school this fall.   Read more!

The Power of Perception
A River

Maria Alonso

Perception determines and drives our approach, attitude, and actions in any given situation. The current global pandemic we are facing —and our varying responses to it— is a testament to the power of perception and how it impacts our experience, our behaviors, and the choices we make moment to moment. Read more!

Tools to Help Heal and Take Action
Holding a small tree in small hands

Marissa Colston

In response to the violence of systemic racism that we have witnessed this year, Marissa Colston, our Dean of Diversity & Inclusion, offers ways in which all of us can engage in nonviolent action. Read more!

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