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Westtown’s Summer Academic Program offers students across the globe a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in courses that are rigorous, collaborative, and emphasize critical thinking and self-reflection.

Summer Academics

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Education at Westtown doesn’t stop at skills and knowledge. Westtown guides students to ignite their unique spark and illuminate their true purpose.


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Westtown School can make the difference between your child being changed by the world… and your child being a force for change in the world.


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Teachers who make learning fun, a campus that inspires, and the uplifting support of a spirit-led community.


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Through the pandemic, Westtown is prioritizing our community values and evidence-based scientific guidance to keep our community safe.


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Peace and support from Westtown

This spring has brought new tragedy and renewed pain to communities across our country. Many of us have been closely watching the trial of Derek Chauvin, and in so doing, reliving the trauma of George Floyd's murder. Grief has been compounded by graphic footage of the shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo, a young Latino boy from Chicago, and news of the shooting of Daunte Wright, a young Black man from Minneapolis. Added to these searing reminders of racial injustice was the news that greeted us this morning, of the 45th mass shooting in our country in the last month, this time in Indianapolis, where eight people lost their lives.

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 A message of support from Westtown for our Asian and Asian American friends

Throughout the pandemic, our country has seen a rise in harassment and violence against people of East Asian heritage, a shockingly racist and inhumane response to a shared, global crisis. Today, I join with countless Westonians in grief and heartbreak as we awoke to the news of a string of shootings in the suburbs of Atlanta, of which six of the eight victims are reported to be Asian and Asian American women. While officials are still investigating the role that racial or gender animus may have played in this terrible tragedy, I write to ask you all to join me in holding in the Light our Asian and Asian American friends.

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Get Your Garden a Family!

Westtown School

Spring is in the air and that means it is time to get your garden ready!  Whether you are working with a backyard garden, a container garden, raised beds, or just want to know how to start the process, we have some helpful information for you. Recently, our in-house expert Tim Mountz, Sustainable Agriculture Teacher at Westtown School, shared his thoughts on gardening. Farmer Tim, as he is known to our students, reminds us that gardening is a great activity for the whole family AND can get kids excited to eat fruits and vegetables. So step away for the screen, grab your shovel, and let’s get to it!  Read more!

The Power of Perception
A River

Maria Alonso

Perception determines and drives our approach, attitude, and actions in any given situation. The current global pandemic we are facing —and our varying responses to it— is a testament to the power of perception and how it impacts our experience, our behaviors, and the choices we make moment to moment. Read more!

Tools to Help Heal and Take Action
Holding a small tree in small hands

Marissa Colston

In response to the violence of systemic racism that we have witnessed this year, Marissa Colston, our Dean of Diversity & Inclusion, offers ways in which all of us can engage in nonviolent action. Read more!

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