Library and Media

The  Lower School Library and Media program encourages our students to see themselves as readers and lovers of books, to build lifelong reading habits, and to feel a sense of ownership and belonging in the library.

The goals of the program are to:

  • broaden students’ horizons by exploring different cultural perspectives;
  • connect students to the right books at the right time;
  • encourage students to try new genres and types of books; and,
  • teach ways to be good digital citizens and how to be safe online.

In the library, students learn how to conduct research, search for information, determine if a source is accurate and legitimate, and organize the information they find. The library program teaches our students to be ethical and thoughtful producers and consumers of information. To foster independence in the library, students in 1st to 5th grades learn how to check out their own books.

The librarian and classroom teachers work collaboratively, so our students’ information literacy skills are woven into their classroom research projects. In our library, you will see students reading books in cozy spaces, creating digital projects, coding with robots, or searching databases for information.

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