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Lower School

Westtown’s mission is to inspire and prepare its graduates to be stewards and leaders of a better world. That inspiration and preparation starts in the Lower School where our students begin to see themselves and their place in their communities and in the world. We recognize the unique gifts and talents of each child, so we cultivate an environment of self-awareness, reflection, and academic and social growth. Within the core curriculum, we focus on thinking, caring for others, taking risks, speaking, collaboration, researching, and problem-solving.

Academics are balanced by our intentional focus on community and character building. We want students to know that they are each vitally important and to build on that knowledge to realize that what they do collectively is vital as well. Teaching responsibility to and collaboration with the larger community is as simple as older students walking younger students to Meeting for Worship or mixed-grade reading buddies, and as complex as organizing a book drive or organizing a fundraiser for a special cause. Even the youngest students have daily experiences in service and enhancing community life. Taking social responsibility gives students a confident sense of self and helps them become leaders. They quickly learn that they are one and one of many.

Lower School classrooms are animated, active, and joyful, a place where children are challenged by their teachers, by themselves, and by each other.  Westtown’s faculty are experts in their fields who instill a love of learning and nurture, guide, and support our youngest learners in the classroom and beyond.

LS Community Teachers

Click here to see an infographic of the team of educators purposefully constructed and dedicated to the growth of your child.

Westtown Lower School Hero
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