Our Campus

Myriad cool and interesting things happen when you have a campus this large,  green, and beautiful. We research, explore, play, compete, canoe, farm, and more on this land. The campus is a vast learning laboratory for the earth sciences, rife with many plant and animal life species. It’s also a safe haven for relaxation and fun. In short, we take full advantage of this glorious space. What awaits you on this campus?

  • 600 acres of land
  • 14-acre lake with beach, boathouse, and canoeing
  • Arboretum and natural forest
  • Instructional organic farm
  • 62 faculty houses and apartments
  • Gymnasium
  • Field house with three basketball courts and indoor track
  • Wrestling Center
  • Dance Studio
  • 25-meter swimming pool
  • Weight training center
  • 13 playing fields, 10 multipurpose, 2 baseball, 1 softball
  • Premier cross-country course
  • Outstanding tennis stadium with 14 courts
  • 27-element ropes course