Express your creativity and athleticism in class and on stage. Students who demonstrate growth and who are passionate about dance may opt to receive competitive credits each year for their participation in classes and performances.

Dance is open to all interested students with varying degrees of experience. Dance meets daily with classes in Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Lyrical, and Choreography techniques. Each season culminates in a Dance concert with pieces choreographed by instructors as well as students.

Student choreography is encouraged and cultivated. Each student is expected to set personal goals of improvement in technique, artistry, and performance ability. The dance studio is a safe space for students to challenge themselves and to support one another in improving. Our objective in Dance is to expand personal ranges of movement while exposing students to new movement cultures.

  • Hiphop is taught from an old school perspective focusing on musicality, personal style, use of weight, and agility. Advanced classes will study breaking, and popping.
  • Jazz Dance combines classical, lyrical, and funk styles focusing on clean lines, confidence, strength, and flexibility.
  • Modern Dance combines Horton, Graham and Limon techniques with stress on inversions and floor work focusing on body sequencing, use of space, efficiency of movement, and use of weight.
  • Classical Ballet emphasizes barre and center work focusing on placement, anatomical awareness, correct muscle usage, detail, and precision.

Elements Dance Ensemble: Students must audition to place in the ensemble. Practices are held twice a week in addition to regular classes. Members will participate in various regional dance showcases and community events.

To dance is to reach for a word that doesn’t exist, to sing the heartsong of a thousand generations, to feel the meaning of a moment in time. – Beth Jones