Environment, Illuminated

Vision: To motivate students to actively and knowledgeably engage in the pressing need to steward our resources and care for the environment, we will model sustainable practices in our community and provide students with an inspiring campus in which to live, learn, and grow.

Long-term aspirations: 

  • We will prioritize sustainability education in the curriculum, and maximize the connections between our program and our open land, forests, lake, and creek to make the work tangible and hopeful. 
  • We will empower students to practice sustainability in their daily lives and provide leadership to create a more sustainable and just human relationship with the environment.
  • We will inspire learning in simple, accessible, high-quality, innovative spaces, which together create a harmonious campus aesthetic, through a balance of renewal, renovation, and new construction. 
  • We will seek mission-aligned and environmentally-sensitive ways of generating auxiliary revenue while minimizing the impact on our student community.
  • We will pursue carbon-neutrality in our campus operations.