Health and Wellness

Healthy, happy and informed

The health and well-being of our students is as important to us as their academic growth and achievement. We tend to the health and wellness of our students by offering a variety of resources and programming to support their cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and mental health. From the Upper School Advisory Program to the Integrated Learning, Health, and Wellness Team, there are faculty and groups of specialists who provide integrated care and support for students.

Health and wellness are also fostered in the Upper School through the Health and Life Skills curriculum. The Health and Life Skills Department strives to teach students what is meant by wellness and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The curriculum helps students develop fundamental life skills to help them sustain and enjoy their life’s journey. The Health and Life Skills teachers speak with students honestly and sincerely about their physical, emotional, and spiritual being. Health classes are factual as well as philosophical and help students develop skills for healthy decision-making with regard to their own wellness.

Westtown’s co-curricular program, which meets after the academic day, is rooted in the values of teamwork and collaboration. All Upper School students are required to take part in the co-curricular program and participate in activities that emphasize skill building, communication, performance, and individual and community-based growth. Through this program students come to understand their own strengths and the role they play in a group. Additionally, students learn the importance of lifelong fitness and the benefits of physical activity. Each co-curricular activity requires students to demonstrate their skills through some performance-based activity such as an athletic competition, a theater performance, or an outdoor leadership trip. The variety of co-curricular offerings allows students to select activities that pertain to their interests and passions.

Wellness Center
Westtown’s Wellness Center is dedicated to the physical and emotional health of the school’s students. During the school year, the Wellness Center is staffed 24/7 by a team of nurses and a full-time administrative assistant. Students from all three Westtown divisions are served by the health center. A staff physician is on campus two afternoons a week to assess and treat boarding students and on call at all times to the health center staff.

Additionally, the Wellness Center staff includes a full time Clinical Psychologist and several doctoral-level psychology students who work primarily with Upper School students on either a short-term basis or throughout the year. Westtown students can also request to see an outside therapist. Upon request, a list of outside therapists may be provided to the parent to contact independently.

The Wellness Center maintains close contact with the Chester County Department of Health in matters of public health. The Wellness Center also offers flu shots to Upper School students and all faculty and staff.