Student Support

The Lower School Student Support Team (SST) meets weekly as a core group, and bi-weekly with grade-level teaching teams to monitor student progress, design interventions, and collaborate with parents.

The Student Support Team is composed of the:

  • Lower School Principal
  • Lower School Director of Equity, Justice, and Belonging
  • Learning and Literacy Specialist
  • Math Specialist
  • School Counselor
  • School Nurse

A key element to the work of the SST is the collaboration that continually occurs between the classroom teachers and these specialists to enhance the curriculums within the classroom within their unique lens. At Westtown, all students are recognized as individuals with unique academic and social needs. This team of experts allows the school to serve the whole child and their family.

Examples of their work include:

  • Regular SST meetings with grade-level teaching teams to monitor each student’s progress.
  • Small group intervention for students who require support in reading and math. This work is in addition to specialist teacher support in the classroom.
  • Small group and individual counseling for students in need of social and emotional support.
  • Recommendations for additional counseling support outside of the school setting, when needed.