Our Middle School Science Curriculum follows an integrated sequence that allows each grade level to explore aspects of the physical, biological, and Earth and environmental sciences. Elements of computer programming and design engineering are also included. Each course is designed to emphasize science process skills and provide a student-centered experiential approach to learning. Science classes take place in our state-of-art Science Center, and on our vast, biodiverse campus which provides a living laboratory for observation, experimentation, and research.

In 6th grade, the curriculum comprises the geology of Westtown’s campus—minerals, rocks, and the water cycle—as well as study of the cell and simple machines.

The curriculum for 7th graders includes: ecology and the Westtown ecosystem; astronomy; and, Newton’s Laws: motion, forces, and energy.

In the 8th grade, students explore: weather and climate; chemistry: the story of atoms and the periodic table of the elements; and, genetics: nucleic acids to trait expression.