Visiting the Archives

Members of the school community as well as the general public are welcome to use the collection. The archives is open each day when school is in session and other times by appointment. If you plan to visit the archives (even on a school day) it is best to contact the staff before arriving to be sure someone will be available to assist you.

Researchers are asked to fill out a registration form and agree to abide by school policies for use of the collection. Only paper, pencil and a laptop computer, if desired, may be brought into the reading room. Researchers interested in copies of material in the collection must request assistance from staff members who will make the copies, depending on the condition of the item. There is a fee per page for photocopies. Photography of items in the collection generally is allowed, but only with permission of a staff member.

Research from a distance

If distance prevents you from visiting the archives in person, the archives staff will answer basic questions that take up to 30 minutes or so to research. Generally, items can be photocopied or scanned and forwarded to the researcher who will be notified of any fees before material is sent.

Use of images and other items in the collection

Please contact the Archives staff to request information about the publication or exhibition of any material from the collection.

Please know that reproductions (photocopies, digital images, etc.) cannot be used by researchers for publication in any format without due regard for copyright and other legal restrictions. Permission to copy does not constitute permission to publish. Publication privileges may be secured only upon the joint authorization of the Westtown School archivist and the holder of the literary property rights.