When you board at Westtown (and even if you don’t), weekends are anything but boring. We know that you need a break from the rigors of academia, so we provide time to relax and play. But we also offer tons of weekend outings and on-campus activities for you. Weekend activities aren’t just for boarders, day students are encouraged to join as well.

The weekend activities are student-driven and organized by the Weekend Coordinator and the Weekends at the Westtown student club. They’re always thinking of new, fun things to do and any student can suggest an activity.

Here are just a few examples of what keeps us busy on the weekend:

  • Trips to Philadelphia for concerts, sporting events, restaurants
  • Starbucks and Target runs
  • King of Prussia Mall trips (Fun fact: KOP is the largest shopping mall in Pennsylvania and the third-largest shopping mall in the United States!)
  • Habitat for Humanity housing build
  • Intramural sports
  • Movie nights
  • Baking and cooking in the lounges
  • Mystery Dessert Van (a beloved tradition)
  • Board games in Central
  • Canoeing on the lake
  • Ocean City Beach Day
  • Ultimate Frisbee on the South Lawn
  • Open swim in the Pool
  • Open ceramics studio Sundays