College Process

Throughout the year, our college counselors also reach out to colleges. Approximately 120 college admissions representatives visit Westtown each fall to meet with our students. Our counselors also each typically visit 5 – 10 campuses every year (sometimes up to 15 or 20) to get to know colleges’ programs, settings, and opportunities. All of our counselors are also part of national and regional organizations such as NACAC, PACAC, ADVIS, ACCIS, and more, which give them opportunities for conferences, professional development, and networking with other school counselors and admissions officers.

The college process begins, informally, when a student enters ninth grade. While ninth graders need not worry about test scores or visiting colleges, it’s a great time to work hard in academic classes and explore different activities. Tenth graders should continue to study, learn, grow, and think about taking on a leadership position at Westtown. During these years, college counseling work includes homeroom visits, informational emails, Parents’ Day programs, and a standing invitation for interested students to see a college counselor for help with their academic plans. Students hoping to be recruited athletes in college are among those who might seek early advice.

Formal college work starts midway through junior year. Juniors are assigned a college counselor and begin Junior Seminar in January. In this class, students explore the many college options available and assess what they are seeking. Individual appointments ensure that the process is tailored to each student’s personal needs.

Senior Seminar continues the college process with a more practical focus: completing applications and seeking financial aid. Individual and family meetings convene as needed through the senior year, all the way into late spring and the final college selection.

Through all aspects of college counseling at Westtown, the College Counseling staff get to know students very well and they eagerly help families along this path. In the end, every student finds their new home.