iLab & Project Block Program

In addition to the 2nd through 5th grade homeroom teachers, some specials (math, science, Spanish, outdoor and physical education, music, and visual arts) teachers also have a Project Block in their schedule. A Project Block is a flexible period of time in the schedule that allows for a variety of opportunities for emergent curriculum, collaborative teaching, additional project-based learning, and extra time to extend learning or projects across disciplines.

Here are a few examples of Project Block programming:

  • Introduction to the iLab; iLab design challenges (more on the iLab below)
  • Introduction to robotics
  • Extension of social studies curriculum
  • Opportunities to finish art and science projects outside those dedicated classes
  • Whole-grade math enrichment, guided by math specialists and homeroom teachers, is designed to stretch and deepen mathematical thinking for a range of learners
  • Cross-disciplinary projects, such as the 5th grade peacemakers research project, which integrate writing, social studies, art, and technology
  • Outdoor education experiences
  • Additional Middle School language experiences for 5th graders (Chinese, Latin)

iLab Overview

Students learn how to use a variety of tools and materials for building and creating in this dedicated space in Lower School. There is an emphasis on design thinking where students learn to empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test in the process of problem-solving. There is also a focus on collaboration and working together to invent, create and problem solve.

Project Block Overview

An afternoon each week is dedicated to each grade level to work on larger projects, collaborate with a variety of students and teachers, and work toward large events. Specials teachers work with the homeroom teachers to plan and schedule activities, projects, and events into Project Time. Teachers collaborate to bring cross-curricular activities and opportunities to their core content.