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“Art is the lifeblood of humanity. It is beautiful, yes, but it is much more than that. Art reflects its environment, art is a response to life, art is a member of society. Art is politics and art is refuge. It is the past and it is now and it is the future.” – Natalie Lobach, Class of 2018

The Upper School Arts programs are devoted to training a new generation of artists, leaders, and changemakers. Westtown School Arts emphasizes a collaborative, creative, and process-oriented approach in both classes and co-curricular programs, uniquely preparing students to take on the problems of the 21st century in proactive, empathetic, and inventive ways. Our students develop invaluable abilities such as handling responsibility, problem solving, organizing, motivating themselves and others, developing effective interpersonal communication, and gaining confidence. We aim to provide a safe environment to take risks, to learn by doing, to fail and try again, and ultimately to succeed and grow.

Our students develop skills that apply to both their individual art forms and to every aspect of their lives. Working with our talented faculty of professional artists, Westtown students create work that is imaginative, forward thinking, and rooted in Westtown’s Quaker principles.

In the Upper School you can immerse yourself in the arts through visual arts, music, theater, and dance. Every student is required to take 1.5 credits in art, but many exceed that requirement. Beyond the classroom, Westtown provides an ever-growing program of co-curricular and extra-curricular arts opportunities.

Arts Facilities

The arts facilities provide spaces for students to practice and realize their talents:

  • newly-renovated theater with a new stage, ETC rigging, sound booth, and seats
  • 8 soundproof practice rooms
  • instrumental music room
  • chorus room
  • acting studio
  • dance studio
  • art gallery
  • digital arts studio with Macintosh computers and an archival printer
  • drawing and painting studio
  • sculpture studio
  • ceramics studio
  • woodworking studio
  • portfolio room for documenting work and site-specific installations

Our graduates go on to some of the most prestigious art programs in the country including: Rhode Island School of Design, Tyler School of Art, Parsons School of Design, Boston Conservatory, NYU/Tisch School of the Arts, The Art Institute of Chicago, Berklee School of Music, Wesleyan University, Maryland Institute College of Art, Carnegie Mellon University, The New School, and University of the Arts among many others. In addition, many of our arts students excel in other areas of life at Westtown as scholars and leaders, using their art training in every aspect of their lives.

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