Clubs and Affinity Groups

The school days are busy and although academic life takes up much of the day, there’s so much more available to students. There are a host of student clubs and affinity groups to join and — if there’s not a club that suits your particular interest — you can start your own! Clubs and affinity groups offer shared social time, focus on a favorite topic, and leadership opportunities. Check out some of the exciting offerings below!

AMICUS (Yearbook)
We produce beautiful, informative yearbooks!

We’ll first pick a book and then we’ll set a date to complete it. We’ll have an organized discussion about the book but there will be plenty of time to diverge. Come if you love reading and want a community-based experience and/or want to learn more about different genres (such as graphic novels!) Teachers are welcome too!

The Brown & White is Westtown’s official student newspaper publication.

CITE (Culture & Identity through Expression)
The purpose of CITE is to create a safe space and atmosphere in which we share and learn from one another using forms of self-expression. You DO NOT have to perform, nor do you have to be an artist at all! The purpose is to be together as a community and learn from each other, spark discussion, and do so in a creative and fun way. We would plan monthly performances (sometimes having a topic to follow, sometimes just for fun) and they can be influenced by what is going on in our community. This is for anyone of any background, and everyone is encouraged to be a part of it, whether you are planning, performing, or just enjoying the show and forms of expression. It is a creative learning experience for all.

Epiphanies is the school literary magazine. It publishes student work: poetry, stories, vignettes, memoirs. Anyone can submit work. The students who work on the magazine are in charge of selecting material to publish, working with writers, proofreading and laying out the magazine, etc.

Poetry Club 
The Poetry Club provides a space for students to share and explore poetry! We plan to organize community poetry nights. Anyone in the Westtown community who is interested in poetry is welcome to join.

The Buzz 
The Buzz will raise school awareness to worldwide issues, accomplishments and news. We want to improve the knowledge of current events for the rest of the student body by sending out a weekly (or biweekly) newsletter, with highlights of the top issues all over the world, including more positive news about art and innovation on a global scale. The focus is also to create a better understanding of how to acknowledge and advocate for important global issues respectively.

Computer Science Club
We will be discussing interesting problems, concepts, algorithms, and other various topics of computer science. The meetings will consist of some student (and perhaps host) lectures, discussions about some problems and how to solve them. Anybody who is interested in Computer Science is welcome.

Math Club
We support students with math help, as well as introduce students to interesting math topics; we prepare students for advanced math challenges, including mathematical modelling and Math Olympiad. We compete online against local schools in short competitions that are open to all math students every week in the fall!

Metal Moose – Team 1391 – Robotics
The Metal Moose robotics club is team member 1391 of the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) robotics league. The Metal Moose is a robust club that boasts many FIRST awards and  recognitions.

Science Club
This club is for those who are interested in science. Science Club members would find topics and issues from any field of science to discuss, and enter science competitions for members who are interested. If possible, the Science Club would invite guest lecturers to present on interesting topics.

Women in STEM
In the field of STEM, women are under-represented and our voices are often drowned out. This club is a place to discuss the challenges and obstacles met by females in the field of STEM and try to address them. We would offer support for each other and discuss the possible solutions and changes that we can make in the greater society. We would do hackathons, watch TED talks about women in STEM, Zoom speakers to talk to us about their experience, take action and start movements in order to effect change.

WT Healthcare Club
This club is for those interested in the healthcare / medical fields. We will have discussions on health care issues locally, nationally and globally. The club as a whole will make an effort to inform the Westtown community about important issues and news related to health and medicine.

Art @WT
Different kinds of general art for people who are interested and would like to increase their knowledge & skills beyond offered courses.

Dance Club
We dance and do cool stuff.

Drama Club
For those interested in learning more about theater and improv, or improving their craft in the dramatic arts!

Film Club
Film Club is a space to create short films and discuss different aspects of filmmaking such as screenwriting, storyboarding, directing, etc. We will also be watching, discussing, and analyzing movies. We will ask members what interests them and try to watch diverse films with themes people can relate to. This club might appeal to literature and film enthusiasts.

Photography Club
The Photography Club is not merely about taking photos, but also a way for students to interact with our local and WT community better. After our seasonal interview portfolio, we would like most students to have access to and see what we have done as a club.

LAD (Lighting & Design)
For those interested in learning about lighting, and sound, design and technology for stage performances. We are hands on and support live and recorded school events.

Brainstorm Club
Brainstorm plays board games, card-based games and online games. It teaches games to new members and provides a challenge to new members and veterans alike.

Cooking Club
We will discuss cooking & recipes of various meal components. We’ll share cooking techniques and results.

Classics Club
A club for those who love to learn more about ancient Greece, Rome and other classical civilizations.

Fantasy Club
A club for nerdy people interested in fantasy things such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Hetalia, etc. We will on occasion watch an episode of a show, watch a film through multiple meetings and offer reading suggestions.

Magic Club
The Magic Club meets to teach its club members awesome magic tricks and occasionally demonstrate these magic tricks to the WT community.

Sports Nutrition Club
The Sports Nutrition Club teaches members how to properly fuel the body for athletic performance, what foods to eat to lead a healthy lifestyle, and how to share with other students the science of eating healthy and properly fueling your body with food that is easy and accessible. We want to educate the community about how food is the best fuel for performance and make sure that everyone knows how to make healthy choices.

Bike Club (Thoughts on Wheels)
Our club traditionally organizes bike rides throughout Westtown township. We will still discuss and organize rides, and occasionally share video of fun rides.

WT E-Sports
Westtown E-Sports began in the spring of 2020 to provide a venue for students to compete, interact, and enjoy e-sports together. We will meet to teach new members gaming strategies and techniques and to organize school-wide competitions.

Debate Team
This will be a debate team specializing in Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas. We intend to participate in debate tournaments (virtual or otherwise).

Feminists Advocating for Equality
FAE is a club for all students at Westtown interested in promoting equal rights and opportunities for women.

Hearts for Hearts (H4H)
H4H is a club that aims to promote youth empowerment and global citizenship through awareness, advocacy, and action regarding many current events and issues that go unnoticed.

Investment Club
Each club member will receive $100,000 in a virtual brokerage account. They will use this cash to manage a portfolio for the semester or year.

Mock Trial
We will participate in the PA Bar Association’s mock trial event.

Model UN
Model UN is a simulation in which students role play as delegates from the United Nations.

Rightly Political
Rightly Political is a group for all students at Westtown who consider themselves on the right end of the political spectrum. Rightly Political organizes discussions on topics and reaches out to the broader Westtown student body to highlight right wing issues.

Westtown Democrats Association
This club will appeal to students who are interested in politics, willing to learn about the system, or those who want to discuss democratic politics. The club will be both inclusive and educational and we hope to create a safe space for serious debate on serious issues.

Focus Bible Study
Focus Bible Study provides a space for students of any denomination, faith, or spiritual belief system to explore and learn about the Bible. Free and open discussion is encouraged, and an effort is made to connect the readings to the lived experience of Westtown students. Any and all are welcome!

Green Coalition
This is Westtown’s environmental advocacy club. It’s for any student who is interested in sustainability, environmental activism, or the outdoors.

Habitat for Humanity
Our club raises money for the Habitat for Humanity Organization and has participated in house builds during spring break.

Quaker Leadership Program (QLP)
QLP is a space where people who have a strong interest in Quaker beliefs or who are members of the Religious Society of Friends come together to learn and grow in Quaker belief and practice.

Unite for Her (UFH)
Unite for Her is a local non-profit organization that provides support and alternative therapies to women going through breast cancer treatment. The UFH club organizes fundraisers and awareness campaigns to support this mission.

International Students Organization (ISO)
This club is designed for both international students and local students to explore and support the experience of studying internationally. We host the International Festival, organize the Lunar New Year dinner, and fundraise for activities to support disadvantaged groups in the community.

Rainbow Alliance
Rainbow club is dedicated to helping the LGBTQ+ community at Westtown school and providing a safe space for all people to discuss LGBTQ+ topics. Rainbow is a club meant for all people, regardless of sexual orientation. Rainbow meetings are a time for people to share their experiences, learn, and have fun!

Students of Color Association (SOCA)
SOCA provides a safe space for club members to talk about the experiences of students of color at Westtown. As a non-affinity space, SOCA is open to all students who wish to explore and discuss ways to advance racial and cultural diversity at Westtown and in the greater community outside of school. We organize events and support affinity groups in celebrating cultural commemorative months such as Hispanic Heritage month, Black History month and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month.

Sexual Health Awareness & Education (SHAE)
SHAE is dedicated to providing a peer to peer safe space where we can openly talk about the implications of sex in our lives and educate the community on basic sexual health and awareness. We’re committed to uplifting all forms of sexual expression in a positive way.

Asian Students Association (ASA)
This affinity group supports those students who identify as Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific-Islanders.

Alliance for White Anti-Racists Everywhere (AWARE)
This affinity group supports those students who identify as white and want to participate in anti-bias, anti-racism work.

Black Student Union (BSU)
This affinity group supports those students who identify as black (all within the African diaspora).

Black Women’s Affinity Group (BWAG)
This affinity group supports those students who identify as black (all within the African diaspora) and female (she/her).

In the Know (Black Men’s Affinity Group)
This affinity group supports those students who identify as black (all within the African diaspora) and male (he/him).

Jewish Student Union (JSU)
This affinity group supports those students who identify as Jewish (whether by birth or practice).

Latinx Leadership Forum (LLF)
This affinity group supports those students who identify as Latino / Latina / Latinx.

Multiracial Student Union (MSU)
This affinity group supports those students who identify as multiracial, multiethnic, and/or biracial.

Westtown Affinity Group for Gender & Sexuality (WAGGS)
This affinity group supports those students who identify within the LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual) community.