Merit Scholarships

In addition to need-based financial aid, Westtown School offers merit scholarships. These scholarships recognize exceptional students who demonstrate passion for and excellence in academics, arts, athletics, global engagement, or leadership.

Selection Criteria

For students who excel in performing, vocal, instrumental, and fine arts as demonstrated by portfolios and strong recommendations from instructor(s). Applicants of the The Stephen Darnell ’65 Performing & Fine Arts Award must exhibit self-discipline, motivation, and diligence in perfecting their craft, as well as the ability to take creative risks, and demonstrate curiosity and commitment to their art beyond the classroom.

For students with a history of substantive leadership demonstrated by strong recommendations from organization leader(s). Preference is given to those who show leadership in areas of service, sustainability, and social justice. Applicants are actively engaged in roles that influence and enrich their communities, exhibiting conviction, integrity and initiative.

For students with exceptional academic achievement as demonstrated by grades, testing (if submitted), and teacher recommendations. Applicants must exhibit a depth and breadth of knowledge, achieve superior grades with consistency, express a desire to conduct original research, and exhibit a passion for learning.

For students with a record of athletic success in sports in which Westtown School teams compete who are leaders for their teammates, and who play with integrity, grace, good humor, and a drive to win. Applicants should have a desire and the potential to play in college and engage in the sport in and outside of their current school.

For students who have accomplished two or more of the following: leadership in global learning projects, study or work with global organizations, proficiency in multiple languages, all evidenced by strong recommendations from organization leaders, teachers, or collaborators. Applicants must exhibit a strong commitment to issues of global relevance and passionate curiosity about the world.


  • New students applying to 6th through 12th grade
  • Current Westtown students may apply for a merit award either as a rising 6th grader or a rising 9th grader.
  • Middle School recipients need not apply again when entering 9th grade.

Application Process

  • Select one merit category for which to apply
  • Complete the Merit Scholarship application form by January 15
  • Recommendations should be submitted by completing the merit recommendation form by January 15 by a non-parent adult with direct experience with the applicant in the scholarship category and should speak directly to the student’s experience and success in that area.
  • Consider applying for need-based Financial aid (though this is not a requirement). To learn more about this process and to apply, visit our Financial Aid page.


There are a limited number of new awards each year. Grants for Middle School students are $2,500 and grants for Upper School students range from $2,500 to $15,000.

Renewal of Awards

Grants are reviewed annually (it is not necessary to apply again) based on two criteria:

  1. The student continues to engage meaningfully and at a high level in their area of passion.
  2. The student continues to meet community standards in other areas.

Failure in either of the above could result in loss of the award for one or multiple years, based on consultation with the division principal. The award criteria are measured at the end of the first semester of each academic year.