Student Support

At Westtown School, the Integrated Learning and Wellness team serves Upper School students with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach. This team includes nurses, learning specialists, school counselors, psychologists, psychology externs, the Dean of Students, Dean of Academics, grade deans, equity and inclusion practitioners, and college counselors. By integrated evidence-based practices from education, psychology, and medicine, the team delivers intentional and coordinated support to students.

This team supports students so that they are well prepared to share their individual gifts and to become stewards and leaders of a better world. Through a developmentally appropriate and collaborative approach they inspire students to become confident, self-aware learners.

The Student Support Teams operate under these guiding beliefs:

  • Children must be physically and psychologically healthy to learn.
  • Children have the capacity to develop insight so they may participate each day with self-awareness, intention, and compassion
  • Children are capable of developing the coping skills necessary to thrive as healthy and resilient people in the world.
  • Young minds learn differently and that learning requires varied and creative approaches.

Our three-divisional Student Support Teams are committed to continuing to develop and support students’ academic, social, and emotional growth. They  work together to engage our student’s unique learning styles and personal strengths in order to help them engage in learning with a positive perspective, healthy self image, and appropriate coping strategies.

Faculty members serve as advisors, and each student is paired with an advisor and is part of an advisory group — the small group of students who share an advisor. For students new to Westtown, the advisor is assigned after a careful matching process. The advisor is the most important contact and source of support for students and families and is the liaison between the student, the student’s family, and the school.

Peer Health, Wellness, and Support
Students are invested in caring for one another, and there are student clubs devoted to health and wellness as well. Members of SASH (Student Advocates for Student Health)  attend regular training sessions with our psychologists to learn to identify signs of anxiety and depression, and help direct peers to appropriate internal and external resources. SHAE (Sexual Health Awareness & Education) is dedicated to providing a peer-to-peer safe space where they can openly talk about the implications of sex and educate the community on basic sexual health and awareness. They are committed to uplifting all forms of sexual expression in a positive way.

Additionally, the Peer Tutoring Program and the Writing Center — both part of the Learning Center’s constellation of services — offer support in various subject areas and with writing skills.

Health Center
Westtown’s Health Center supports the physical and emotional health of our students. During the school year, the Health Center is staffed 24/7 by a team of nurses and a full-time administrative assistant. Students from all three Westtown divisions are served by the health center. A staff physician is available on call – seven days a week, 24 hours a day – and visits campus twice a week to assess and treat boarding students.

Additionally, the Health Center staff includes a full time Clinical Psychologist and several doctoral-level psychology students who work primarily with Upper School students as needed. Westtown students can also request to see an outside therapist. Upon request, a list of outside therapists may be provided to the parent to contact independently.

The Health Center maintains close contact with the Chester County Department of Health in matters of public health. The Health Center also offers annual flu shots to Upper School students and all faculty and staff.