Purpose-Built Plan

Westtown School deeply values self-driven inquiry. We want students to have agency in their own education, to think deeply about what they want to pursue with more vigor, and participate in designing the course of their studies. In the Upper School, students have many opportunities to tailor their academic plan to suit their interests and strengths, to grow their passions, and find their purpose.

Many academic courses allow students to select projects that reflect their interests within a topic. Computer science courses, Design Engineering, Peace and Justice, and Studio Art Forum are just a few examples where students can create their own projects. Independent Study, an advanced course, is available to 10th – 12th grade students. Students who have completed the program of student in a department may design in independent study to continue to pursue that subject in greater depth. These courses are designed to provide motivated students space in their course of study to pursue additional coursework beyond their Westtown offerings in Math, Computer Science, and World Language. Independent work is the heart of this course.

The Deep Dive Certificate Program offers an avenue for highly motivated students who are interested in enriching their education by doing scholarly, multidisciplinary work in a particular area of passion. Students can design and pursue Deep Dive Certificates in: Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability Leadership, Global Leadership, Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice, Data-Driven Change, and Multidisciplinary Arts.