Health And Wellness

Westtown School is dedicated to serving the whole child with an unparalleled, integrated approach. Schools often support the cognitive aspects of child development, but we know that if a child is not physically or social-emotionally healthy, their learning and academic success is impeded. We believe that there are six dimensions of wellness: intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental. That is why we are committed to nurturing all of these facets of wellness in order to ensure that each child can thrive and reach their full potential.

We utilize an intentionally developed Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum to develop specific skills, and have a dedicated Student Support Team (SST), a core group that meets bi-weekly with grade-level teaching teams to monitor student progress, design interventions, and collaborate with parents. Our faculty and SST operate with these guiding beliefs:

  • Children must be physically and psychologically healthy to learn.
  • Children have the capacity to develop insight so that they may participate each day with self-awareness, intention, and compassion.
  • Children are capable of developing the coping skills necessary to thrive as healthy and resilient people in the world.
  • Young minds learn differently and that learning requires varied and creative approaches.

In addition to the SEL curriculum, we foster the health and wellbeing of Lower School students through active playtime or rest at recess, exploration of the outdoors on our vast campus, the quiet reflection of Meeting for Worship, and regular sports and movement in Physical Education class.