In Westtown’s excellent pre-K through 12th grade Spanish program, students have an early start to learning Spanish, which allows them to reach higher levels of proficiency and gain native-like pronunciation.

Because Spanish instruction begins in pre-K, Lower School students are immediately immersed in the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures. Lower School Spanish classes are taught entirely in Spanish because research shows that students learn the most when they are immersed in the language, similar to how we learn our first language. Pictures and gestures are used to help the students comprehend, and many songs, games, stories, skits, and engaging activities are incorporated to make learning Spanish enjoyable.

The program strives to incorporate themes from the core curriculum to deepen learning, to provide students opportunities to master Spanish conversational skills needed in the real world, and to connect students to the local Hispanic community through field trips.

We believe in engrossing our youngest learners in a foreign language because of the countless benefits which include:

  • Foreign language study increases creativity, enhances listening skills and memory, and improves standardized test scores.
  • Foreign language acquisition is an opportunity for students to improve self-confidence and feel accomplished by successfully communicating in another language.
  • Learning a foreign language is a distinct advantage in the workforce as the world becomes more connected through travel and technology.
  • We believe that the cultural enrichment that comes through the study of foreign languages is critical in promoting the acceptance and appreciation of all people.