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College Counseling

College Counseling

Westtown students have every possible advantage in the college process, because our college counselors really understand and are devoted to supporting students and families through the journey of college research, visits, applications, and decisions. Relax! You are in good hands.

Our College Counseling office is committed to helping students find the best colleges for them, recognizing that among such a diverse and wide range of students, there will be a diverse wide range of best college matches – small liberal arts colleges, large public universities, highly selective schools, Research 1 institutions, visual or performing arts programs, and more. They encourage students to dig deep into colleges’ academic offerings and to look for other measures of quality besides rankings, which are often faulty or misleading. Most importantly, they allow plenty of time for students, with their families’ support, to research and visit colleges, and urge them to think deeply, question thoroughly, and reflect thoughtfully as they decide where they want to apply.

The Westtown Independent School Equity & Access Conference and College Fair will be held on Saturday, October 14, 2023.

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AP Testing Policy

Westtown students may take the following AP exams (see chart below), provided they are enrolled in or have completed the relevant course(s) at Westtown or, in rare exceptional cases, obtain approval from the Dean of Academics and Director of College Counseling for a credit-bearing, graded course taken at an accredited school outside of Westtown. Note that Westtown courses are not AP classes, and additional preparation beyond taking the Westtown course may be necessary to earn a high score.  Students must also communicate with their relevant subject teachers about their plan to test prior to registering.

Westtown students are not permitted to take AP tests at other schools and will receive class cuts and other consequences if they miss Westtown classes or activities to do so. 

Registration: Students must register in the fall (exact deadlines vary each year) and follow all deadlines. After this process, all registrations will be reviewed by the Dean of Academics and Director of College Counseling and final approval will be given. Each exam costs $96 (this price might rise slightly, but will probably not exceed $100). For eligible Full Access students, there is a fee reduction. Westtown School Finance Department will bill the students’ account for the AP exam in May. Please contact T. Marje Ireland for details.

Dropping a Test: During the drop period in the winter, a student may drop a test and pay a College Board cancellation fee, typically around $40-$50. After this time, they will be charged the full amount of each test for which they have registered, even if they don’t take a test.

Adding a Late Test: During a specific time in the winter, a student may add a test with an additional College Board late fee. All late tests must adhere to Westtown’s AP Testing Policy.

During Testing Weeks: Students are permitted to miss classes on the day they are taking an AP test, but not any other days. Students must communicate with their teachers to make a plan for missed work prior to their test(s). Students must make up work missed while taking AP tests. They will receive class cuts if they miss a Westtown class to take an AP class or to study for an AP Exam.

Full Access students should see T. Debra Weaver and T. Jay Farrow for assistance with testing fees.

AP ExamWesttown Course(s)
BiologyBio 1 (Adv) and Bio 2 (Adv), Anatomy & Physiology (Adv), Evolution (Adv), and possible additional study.
2021-22 exception: since Evolution (Adv) is not offered, students may take AP Bio if they have met the other prerequisites. Additional study is strongly recommended.
Calculus ABCalculus 1 Adv orCalculus 1 and additional study
Calculus BCCalculus 2
ChemistryChem 1-2, Chemical Reactions, Chemical Bonding, and additional study with teacher.
Chinese Language and CultureChinese 5 or 6
Computer Science AComputer Science 1 (Adv) and additional study
English Literature and CompositionAmerican Literature and World Literature
Environmental ScienceEnvironmental Science 1 (Adv), Environmental Science 2 (Adv), Environmental Research (Adv), and likely additional study.
French Language and CultureFrench 6 and additional study
LatinLatin 4 and significant additional study
MacroeconomicsMacroeconomics and additional study
MicroeconomicsMicroeconomics and additional study
Physics 1: Algebra-BasedPhysics 1 and 2 with additional study. See physics teacher for guidance.
Physics 2: Algebra-BasedChemistry 1 and 2, Electricity & Magnetism, Modern Physics, and additional extra study. See physics teacher for guidance.
Physics C: Electricity and MagnetismElectricity & Magnetism; Calculus is also helpful.
Physics C: MechanicsPhysics 1 and 2; Calculus is also helpful.
Spanish Language and CultureSpanish 5 or 6
Spanish Literature and CultureSpanish 5 or 6
StatisticsStatistics and additional study
Studio Art DrawingFull year of art classes as a sophomore or junior and current enrollment in Studio Art Advanced
Studio Art 2-D DesignFull year of art classes as a sophomore or junior and current enrollment in Studio Art Advanced
Studio Art 3-D DesignFull year of art classes as a sophomore or junior and current enrollment in Studio Art Advanced
US HistoryUS History and likely additional study
World HistoryTwo semesters of World History and additional study

The following AP tests include significant material not taught in Westtown courses. If a student would like to take one of these tests, they must ask the Dean of Academics and Director of College Counseling for approval. The student must demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter, such as enrolling in a credit-bearing course approved by the Dean of Academics and Director of College Counseling.

  • Art History
  • European History
  • English Language and Composition
  • German Language and Culture
  • Government and Politics (Comparative)
  • Government and Politics (US)
  • Human Geography
  • Italian Language and Culture
  • Japanese Language and Culture
  • Music Theory
  • Psychology

The following AP tests cannot be accommodated by Westtown faculty, college counseling, and test administrators because they require additional assessments:

  • AP Seminar
  • AP Research
  • Computer Science Principles

Transcript Request

If you would like to request a copy of your Westtown transcript, please complete this form and send it to [email protected]

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