Social Studies

The Social Studies curriculum in Middle School provides in-depth exploration of places and history building from geography and studies of maps, to the United States and consideration of how the past impacts us, and, finally, to world events and the development of continents and their peoples. Students think critically and are encouraged to ask thoughtful questions as they develop and express their personal point of view in a variety of mediums.

6th Grade: Geography

This course aims to guide students towards understanding how we create community, learning about ourselves and the world around us in the process. Students explore how maps help us understand our world, whose perspectives shape the way we see the world, and whose voices shape the way we view ourselves and others.

7th Grade: United States 

As we study a variety of topics in U.S. Social Studies, our focus will be to explore the questions: How is the past relevant to me? How does the past impact me? How does the past impact the global world in which I live? and, How might I take an active role in my present?

8th Grade: Regional Studies 

As we journey the world, we will learn about historical as well as current events. We will study the development of Africa, the Americas,  Asia, Europe, and Oceania across eras and time periods. We will focus particularly on the development of cultural traits and structures that have formed societies, and consider which are sustainable. In addition, we will look at how and why some cultures are more successful when previously separate worlds collided and diffused, while others collapsed.