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Westtown’s English Department offers courses — required, elective, and advanced — that are both content-rich and intellectually challenging. English classes emphasize literary analysis, together with expository and creative writing. You will become a strong critical thinker and a persuasive communicator.

We believe that the study of literature and composition fosters empathy. Our courses challenge students to develop their own thoughts and beliefs, to become aware of the perspectives of others, and to extend their awareness of broader social issues. Further, we encourage students to reject simplistic answers for the sake of resolution and encourage students to pursue sophisticated understanding through close reading and critical thinking. English classes emphasize literary analysis and expository and creative writing, helping students become strong critical thinkers and persuasive communicators.

You will have the following essential experiences in the English curriculum:

  • Confident writing voice: you will develop a strong writing voice in the writing program
  • Presentation and class leadership curriculum: students lead classes, facilitate discussion, and make formal presentations at every level
  • Critical feedback development: students give and receive critical feedback on writing, learning how to deliver constructive criticism and how to use feedback effectively 
  • Process-centered approach to writing and drafting, employing collaborative feedback to benefit both the writer and the editor
  • Seminar-style classes which encourage engagement and active participation
  • 12th-grade Personal Research Essay: students write an extended, researched, personal essay with an annotated bibliography and paper abstract
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