Meeting for Worship

Weekly Meeting for Worship is the spiritual center of Westtown and an essential part of the educational experience for all students. Within the unadorned walls of the Meeting House, students, faculty, and staff gather by division to sit in reflective silence and sometimes share messages both simple and grand. There is no minister or sermon, simply the ministry of those who share, for Quakers believe that all have access to the Divine and to Truth. The kinds of messages shared in Meeting for Worship differ by the age and readiness of the students, but the sharing and centering down of Meeting for Worship have a profound effect on both individuals and the community. It is a unifying experience, even for those who are not Quaker. It is through this quiet reflection and communal sharing that people of all faith traditions can worship together.

In the Middle School, Meetings for Worship can also take place outside the Meeting House, such as at the fire circle or at the lake, and sometimes Meeting is held in smaller groups. The Middle School Clerks, our student leaders, also clerk Meeting and sometimes generate queries  — questions offered to prompt spiritual reflection — that guide some Meetings for Worship. In keeping with Quaker tradition, the Middle School also periodically conducts a Meeting for Business which are organized and led by student leaders. Discussions about issues that impact the community and collective decision-making by consensus comprise Meetings for Business.