Why Westtown

A Westtown School education is grounded in Quaker principles and built upon the foundational beliefs that each child, each person, is endowed with unique gifts and that an excellent education recognizes and nourishes those gifts and fosters inquiry, exploration, and discovery. It helps students discern their passions and prepares them to be leaders and stewards of a better world.

Through innovative and engaging teaching practices and challenging, intentional, experiential curricula, we prepare our students to thrive in a world characterized by technological and social change, equipped with critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills. They are encouraged and empowered to be confident leaders of a just and compassionate future, to be active and empathetic participants in building healthy communities, and to be stewards of the natural world.

But Westtown is more than the sum of its academic parts. It is a vibrant, warm, and joyful community enriched by its members who come from across the street and across the globe. In and outside of the classroom, we help students develop a sense of the world around them. We believe that building healthy relationships and communities and being good citizens are as important as academic achievement. Our focus on community is born out of our Quaker values and is inherent in all that we do.

We are steadfast in our commitment to developing intelligent, reflective, extraordinarily prepared, and deeply ethical human beings with an expansive and inclusive worldview and to help them find their passions.

Our graduates go on to colleges and experiences that fit their dreams and aspirations. Perhaps more importantly, though, we cultivate an environment in which all our students — from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade — begin their rich and exciting journey toward lives of meaning, substance, and purpose.