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Performance and Strength Program

At Westtown, we are committed to helping our teams and student athletes realize their full potential and achieve their ultimate goals on the fields and courts. To do so, we have partnered with the some of the best performance and strength coaches in the country, and brought them to work with our student athletes here at Westtown School.

Head Performance Coach:
Shannon Grady, founder and CEO of Go! Athletics, is a world renowned track and field athlete, physiologist, and sports performance expert. She will conduct biometric testing to develop system-based training tailored to each individual athlete at Westtown School.

She will work primarily with our cross country, swim, boys basketball, and track and field teams. Shannon, who previously coached Westtown’s cross country team in 2009, is excited to be coaching at Westtown School once again, and is eager to bring her skills and expertise to our athletic program.

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Everfit Strength Coaches:
David Fioravanti is the founder and CEO of Everfit in Malvern, PA. David and his team of Everfit Strength Coaches have joined the Westtown School Athletic Department to provide Westtown student-athletes with specialized strength and fitness programs that focus on improving overall strength, flexibility, core, stability, speed, and agility. The ultimate goal is to both improve athletic performance and prevent injuries. Each afternoon, two strength coaches will be on site to work with our varsity athletic teams, and to run our Strength and Conditioning Class that is open to all students.

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