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Step into any classroom in any grade and you will find kids who are engaged, passionate, and deeply involved in their learning. 

But in a school like Westtown, student life is so much more than academics. It’s comprised of rich opportunities for clubs, athletics, extra-curricular activities, leadership, service, social activism, spirituality, and bonding in community.

In and outside of the classroom, we help kids develop a sense of the world around them that is deeper than academic. Building healthy relationships, becoming not just good students but good friends and good citizens, is as important for kids as their class work. In fact, our focus on community, both local and global, is inherent in all that we do.

All students participate in the Work Program, rotating through jobs that support everything from the running of meals in the dining room to making sure the right materials are sent for recycling. And all students experience it at every step of their school careers.

Underneath it all is our Quaker heritage – the spiritual center of school life that both grounds us and guides us. If classrooms are the brains of the school, the Meeting House is the beating heart. All students attend Meeting for Worship weekly. It is a time for reflection, for centering down, and for consideration of ourselves and the world around us.

While we make experiences that are meaningful and true to our mission, there is also play and fun – because joy is an important part of every student’s experience. Joy and fun do not come at the expense of academics, but, done right, are intrinsic in it. When you walk through campus you can see that joy abounds.