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Lower School

Even for the youngest members of our community, there are opportunities for activities outside the academic day.

The Kids Care Club, the Lego Robotics Club, the Chess Club and the Moose Kids and Enrichment Programs offer Lower School students extra time to develop passions and interest.

In many schools, studio and performing arts, physical education, and even recess take a back seat to traditional academics. At Westtown, we see all of these as essential components of a well-rounded, whole-child education, even in athletics. There are periodic field hockey, basketball, soccer and lacrosse clinics to give kids early exposure to sports and to help ready them for our competitive athletics, which begin in 7th grade.  

  • Students have art five days a week; music and physical education three times a week.  
  • Each grade stages a play in which all participate in building sets, acting, and sometimes even writing the plays.  
  • And recess happens every day – because time to release energy and play is important for kids.

Important, too, in our ever-connected, busy lives is learning how to take time to relax, to be aware of stressors, and to reflect. We know this is a skill best learned at a young age, and that's why we build in time for mindfulness sessions with a mindfulness teacher, and for Meeting for Worship. 

As is true in every division, student life reaches beyond classrooms. Lower School kids have service projects, such as the book fair and fundraisers for Heritage Academy in Ghana, have “jobs” in the classroom like taking attendance or tending to the recycling, and take expeditions both on and off campus.  All together, these experiences enhance the academic environment (and are often interwoven in it) and provide students with opportunities to develop passions and to discover themselves, not just as students, but as individuals.