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At Westtown, sustainability is central to how we educate and live. Students are not just learning about environmental issues, they are seeking for solutions that will move us towards a more sustainable future. You can see innovative, sustainable design everywhere on campus from the solar panels on the Athletic Center, to the LEED Gold Certified Science Center, to our organic student farm to our Dining Room’s 4 Star Green Restaurant designation. We are so serious about sustainability, in fact, that we have been named a Green Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education.

Students in all grades get into the act by engaging with natural systems and learning about the complex patterns they model. For example:

  • In Lower School, our youngest students are introduced to the wonder of connecting to the natural world through a place based exploration of our campus. Early learners begin to use the principles of Design Thinking to find real-world solutions to environmental issues that they feel need to be addressed.
  • Middle School curriculum investigates the complexity of climate change through a focused, interdisciplinary approach.
  • Upper School offers many opportunities for students to engage through diverse course offerings, student activism, after school co-curricular options and weekend program events.
  • Westtown students plant and harvest organic vegetables from the school’s beautiful student organic farm.
  • The Dining Room is strongly committed to sustainability and purchases nearly 40% locally grown food.