Deep Dive Certificate Recipients

The Deep Dive Certificate Program honors Upper School students who are engaged in an intentional, organized, and well-documented arc of immersive learning and focused scholarship. Students create the path from initial interest to successful capstone projects. Upon completion of the program, students receive a certificate celebrating their sustained concentration and thoughtful synthesizing of a broad array of experiences and academic work. The designation is noted on the student’s transcript, providing our students with yet another way of standing out from the crowd. Students may pursue more than one Deep Dive.

The Deep Dive Designations promote an interdisciplinary lens through which students design and experience their education. Deep Dive Certificates are offered in these areas: Social EntrepreneurshipSustainability LeadershipGlobal LeadershipDiversity, Inclusion, and Social JusticeData-Driven Changeand Multidisciplinary Arts.

Congratulations to this year’s Deep Dive Certificate recipients!  These students are noted below along with links to some of their presentations so that you can learn more about their specific courses of study and projects.

Priyanka Acharya ’23Diversity, Inclusion, and Social ChangeMultidisciplinary Arts

Dane Clunk ’23Global Leadership

Chloe Costa Baker ’23Global Leadership

Jon Ebatalye ’23:  Data-Driven Change

Tyler Greenberg ’23: Sustainability Leadership

Penny Huang ’23: Global Leadership

Tara Kumar ’23: Global Leadership

Jimmy Qin ’23: Multidisciplinary Arts

Alena Zhang ’24Global Leadership

From left: Jimmy Qin, Tara Kumar, Dane Clunk, Penny Huang, Jon Ebataleye, Alena Zhang, Tyler Greenburg, Priyanka Acharya, Chloe Costa Baker