Living Museum

The 4th grade social studies curriculum focuses on the history of this continent from pre-European contact through the abolishment of slavery. It is based on the queries Who’s telling the story? Whose voices are missing? and seeks to amplify the voices in history that have often not been heard. Teachers Shelagh Wilson and Colby van Alen build a strong foundation by having in-depth conversations with students. They clearly articulate the impact of a young learner embodying the spirit of a person who fought for human rights and, because of this, Westtown 4th graders have access to true and accurate history. Furthermore, students gain firsthand knowledge of how people sacrificed their lives to progress towards a fair and just society. 

Their studies culminate with doing deep dives into the lives of historical abolitionists, then presenting the Living Museum, to which families and fellow Lower Schoolers were invited, where they share the work, struggles, and successes of many notable abolitionists. Well done, 4th graders! You can see the Living Museum here!