Upper School News

Outdoor Ed Goes to the Mountains

Seven Upper School students, along with teachers Elson Blunt, Tom Berrian, and Director of Outdoor Education Chris Costa, traveled to the Delaware Water Gap for the Outdoor Education Fall Backpacking Trip. They hiked on a section of the Appalachian Trail with heavy packs on steep and rocky terrain. During their unplugged weekend, they learned how to live and travel in the backcountry including how to work within a group to set up camp, build a fire, protect their food from bears, navigate with a map and compass, and cook delicious food. Costa shared that despite the rain and cooler temperatures, students layered up and stayed positive while reflecting together and laughing a lot. They showed great leadership in their support for one another and their ability to meet and push their edges. And, she added, “All of the students expressed so much gratitude for the opportunity to challenge themselves in this way.” You can see more from their mountain adventure here!