Sports Roundup Fall 2023

The fall season of athletics was marked by exceptional achievements and milestones which were the results of our student-athletes’ dedication, skill, and sportsmanship across various sports.

The boys and girls soccer teams brought immense pride to our community, both clinching Friends Schools League (FSL) Championships! This triumph was a monumental moment for our boys’ team, achieving their first championship since 2011, and a testament to the consistent excellence of our girls’ team, who secured their second consecutive title. The individual accolades of Olivia Bley ’24 and Leo Salvucci ’24, who were named to the All-State Team, further exemplify our teams’ and players’ talent and hard work. Olivia’s remarkable journey, culminating in her 100th goal, illuminated the path to the PAISAA State Championship game, showcasing the bright future of both teams.

Our cross-country runners, though few in number, demonstrated immense spirit and resilience. Their performances, especially in setting personal records at the FSL Championship at George School, signal a promising future and a culture of healthy competition and personal growth.

In tennis, our girls team, led admirably by seniors Amy Vaduva ’24 and Sasha Khalo ’24, showed remarkable tenacity. Though starting slowly, their season ended on a solid note, exemplifying the spirit of perseverance and improvement.

Our field hockey team, guided by the leadership of senior Lily Diamond ’24 and junior Grace Malavolta ’25, achieved a significant milestone by making the FSL playoffs for the first time in four years. Their progress and enthusiasm throughout the season set a foundation for future success.

The school’s overall athletic prowess was further highlighted as 24 student-athletes were named to the FSL All-League and Honorable Mention Teams, the highest representation from any Friends League school. This achievement underscores our commitment to athletic excellence and holistic development.

Lastly, the advancement of the Oak Lane Turf Fields Project marks a significant step forward for Westtown School. The approval for Conditional Use and Land Development and the progress in other related areas bring us closer to realizing our vision for enhanced sports facilities, which we aim to complete by the Fall of 2024.

These accomplishments reflect the spirit of Westtown School, where growth, teamwork, and resilience are as much a part of our ethos as academic excellence. As we look towards the winter season, we remain committed to fostering an environment where our student-athletes can continue to thrive and succeed.

Girls Soccer Team – FSL Champs
Boys Soccer Team – FSL Champs