25 Students Inducted into the National Chinese Honor Society

On May 26, we hosted the 3rd annual Westtown School Chapter of the National Chinese Honor Society induction ceremony and reception. The National Chinese Honor Society was established in November 1993, with the objective to acknowledge the superior achievement of secondary school students studying Chinese as a second language. It not only recognizes high scholastic achievement, but also good character, leadership, and service. The Society’s goal is to promote enthusiasm for Chinese language and culture learning, commitment to advanced study, and greater cross-cultural understanding.


Puddy Boonkongchuen, 白振宇
Sierra Brewer, 白欣怡
Taj Donald, 董俊
Jahlil Gary, 葛正雷
Eric Ochis, 欧阳恺
Kate Eriksson 宋可人
Sophia Hammond 韩颖
Cat Le Febvre 范诗琪
Livia Resnik 任瑾
Stellablue Robinson 罗梦莹
Ali Zahm 郑彦琳
Giacomo Acciavatti 艾烨
Zach Blumenfeld 毕志诚
Sydney Kostal 李欣玫
Tee Johnson 钟俊潇
Savannah Peischl 潘静雯
Ada Palacios 潘彩婕
Mallory Peters 彭心恬
Camden Chin, 陈欣崇
Christina Wilson, 李娜
Rylee Boles, 鲁晓洁
Carluccio Horton, 何斌
Jaydan Riggs, 任琪
Nyala Tolfree 童谣
Gab Neal 倪心怡

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