Upper School Winter Concert

Bravo to all of our Upper School singers and musicians who performed in the Winter Concert! The concert showcased three ensembles with over 50 students and celebrated the magic and music of the season. Our thanks to student photographer William Wang ’26 who captured this event! You can see more photos here.

Fall Dance Concert

Elements Dance Company and the Upper School Fall Dance Ensemble put on quite a show for their fall concert entitled All The Jazz. As a warm-up for the spring musical, Chicago, the lighthearted and energetic fall concert featured collaborative student work, original pieces by dance teacher Amy Grebe, video shorts, and even live accompaniment from student performers! Well done, dancers! Enjoy images from the concert by student photographer Eric Li ’24.

Upper School Fall Play

The Upper School Fall Play, Move Fast and Break Things by Mark Galarrita, was commissioned by Westtown School. This play began development with theater students in the spring of 2022. In this contemporary comedy, a group of teens enter a competition to create the next world-changing app. Their intentions are good but the consequences are unexpected.

The play featured 25 students on and offstage, and senior Ali Unrath designed costumes for this production. Galarrita visited the campus for the performances and met with students during his stay. Our thanks to playwright Mark Galarrita, Alex Ates, Director of Visual and Performing Arts, and all of the students who worked on this production. Well done! Enjoy the gallery of photos from the production here.

Cast and crew with playwright Mark Galarrita (left)