MLK Day and Black History Month Celebrations

Lower and Middle School students were immersed in the study of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through art, literature, and music. They gathered to honor Dr. King with poetry, special readings, and song in a special combined assembly for the two divisions. It was a powerful and moving tribute. “This student work demonstrates the culmination of our focus on the pursuit of justice, through non-violence and passive resistance, and also highlights the strength, advocacy, and intellect Black people consistently displayed during this period. Dr. King’s legacy is palpable and lives within the Westtown Lower School community even today,” writes Kelly Yiadom, Lower and Middle School Equity and Inclusion Coordination. You can see an overview of the activities in the video below.

There were a variety of Black History Month activities in all divisions, and in the Upper School, the month concluded with a wonderful Community Dinner organized by the Students of Color Association (SOCA). Enjoy the full gallery of photos here.