National Chinese Honor Society Inductees

The National Chinese Honor Society was established in November 1993. Its objective is to acknowledge the superior achievement of secondary school students studying Chinese as a second language. Like other honor societies, the National Chinese Honor Society not only recognizes high scholastic achievement but also good character, leadership, and service. National Chinese Honor Society members should exemplify all these standards. The Society’s goal is to promote enthusiasm for Chinese language and culture learning, commitment to advanced study, and greater cross-cultural understanding.

This spring, the Westtown School chapter of the National Chinese Honor Society was pleased to induct 11 new members into the society and renew six students’ memberships. This year, they were also happy to add the “National Junior Scholars for Excellence in Chinese” award for our eligible Middle School 8th grade Mandarin students to recognize their achievement in the study of Chinese language and culture.  Please join us in thanking their teachers Nina Li, Jie Song, and Bei Zhang, and in celebrating the achievements of these students!

New members:

  • Tim Gatto 高艺轩
  • Emily Kessler 艾明兰
  • Grace Malavolta 马悦晴
  • Liam Sellers-Johnston 孙俊
  • Auden Vosburgh 王嘉奇
  • Aveline Heryer何美琳
  • Matthew Black 白子君
  • Sofia Burgos 包慧珍
  • Parker Coates 寇晓洁
  • Alex Delgado 邓凯
  • Vlad Maier 尉迟荣

Renewal members:

  • Nico Lippiatt-Cook 李一鸣
  • Oliver Hart韩耀辉
  • Jessica Schottland石玥琪
  • Maggie Shirk石敏佳
  • Amelia Mcdonough麦熙卉
  • Zeon Waterhouse 吴怡龙

Middle School 8th grade: 

  • Saige Biddison 司言芷
  • Rose Cook 蔷薇
  • Tommy Heckert 马思思
  • Caroline Vonnahme 柯爱玲
  • Trinity Ingram 楚一婷
  • Lev Bryans 简乐炜
  • McKenna Lausch 卢于菲
  • Pierce Ryan 冉天宇 
  • Rayan Siddiqui 沈星宇
  • Archer Webb 卫茗风
  • Cavan Hurley 何凯文