Middle School News

Seventh Graders Meet with Author Amy Sarig King

Students in teacher Abby Lausch’s seventh grade English class had the wonderful opportunity to have a conversation with Amy Sarig King, author of Attack of the Black Rectangles, which they are reading in class.  The students are having conversations about censorship and access to books. Lausch shares, “We’ve talked about lists of books that are banned in some schools and reasons why, and students have reflected (in writing) on whether they agree with this censorship. We are focusing mostly on the activism that we read about in the book and are learning persuasive communications skills. In the novel, the main character and friends write persuasive letters, protest in their town, and speak at school board meetings. We are practicing all of those same skills: practicing debates, preparing presentations for a school board/town council meeting, and writing persuasive letters. We will also be doing some research about young activists in the real world and studying some of their strategies.” 

It was an engaging visit with Sarig King and she spent time answering students’ questions.