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Class Connector

What is the Alumni/ae/x Class Connector Program?

A close-knit alumni community is a crucial component of Westtown’s current and future prosperity. Class Connectors are a group of alum volunteers who work with the Alumni/ae/x Office to send out three letters a year to their classmates sharing news, updates, and opportunities to get involved. Connectors are provided with meaningful information and important perspectives on Westtown today. Currently, there are over 100 Class Connectors representing alumni from the Classes of 1945-2018.

Class Connector volunteers work directly with an assigned member of the Westtown Alumni/ae/x Office staff. The total time commitment for a Connector is 4-10 hours per year depending on desired level of involvement.

What do Class Connectors do?

Alum keep their classmates close to each other and the school by writing three letters per year. Connectors simply draft the letter and Alumni Office staff send it to the class on their behalf. Connectors are provided with news, information, articles, and videos to share in their letters. View a sample Connector letter.

Optional activities include attending in-person and online presentations about Westtown, helping to find ‘lost’ classmates, and encouraging past donors to continue supporting the Westtown Fund.

Why does Westtown need Class Connectors?

Westonians want to hear from their classmates and they like staying connected. As you can see below, the engagement and involvement of our alumni in the life of the school increases dramatically by simply sharing your voice!

Emails sent by Class Connectors are 60% more likely to be viewed by classmates when sent by a Connector rather than the school. Classmates prefer to receive and read news and information about the school and their classmates from a member of their class.

Readers are 122% more likely to reply, donate, or interact with emails sent by Connectors rather than the school. Classmates are much more likely to take action when receiving messages from a member of their class.

There are many more ways that Connectors have a long-term and meaningful impact on the entire Westtown community.

Current Class Connectors

To reach out to your Class Connectors, please send an email to [email protected] and we’ll pass along their contact info.

Hali Giessler1945
David T. Hodgin1950
John M. Beideman1951
Nancy Bernhardt1955
Cynthia Hillsley1955
Judith Miller1955
Elizabeth Wenny1955
Josephine Withers1956
Mary Eby1956
Peter O. Lane1957
Ruth Engler1958
Mary Ann Wagner1958
Penny Orth1959
Molly Cornell1960
Patricia Herban1960
James Litrell1961
Laurie Worth1961
Helen Strong Foreman1961
Caroline Balderston Parry1962
Tony Michel1962
Emilie Steele1962
Tim James1963
Dagny Henry1964
Laurel Swan1966
Sharon Quarles1966
Margot Eastman1966
Martha Mullin1966
Helen Murphy1966
Carol Savery-Frederick1967
Nancy Turner1968
Patricia Macpherson1969
Judy Nicholson1971
Robert McKinstry1971
Christopher Cryer1975
Margery Schafer1976
Ellen Gilbert1976
Rick Spackman1977
Rob Cosinuke1979
Kevin Moore1979
Barb Nicholson1980
Kris Batley1981
Bob Batley1981
Bruce Harrison1981
Richard Young1982
Sheran Honneyman1983
Shelagh Wilson1985
Jennifer Atkinson1985
Will Hurd1985
Averil Barone1986
Kip Martin1986
Patricia Williams1986
Miriam Elliot1989
Amy Lytle1991
Jonathan Hovey1992
Lauren James1992
Richard Bravo1993
Katie Cloutman1994
Franklin Winslow1996
Amanda Ryan1997
Kristen Kirk1997
Meredith Van Horn1999
Samantha Jordan2001
Alex Macintosh2001
Nina Fleegle2002
Karl Vela2003
Sarah Evans2003
Tucker O’Donnell2003
Katrina Rogachevsky2003
Alia Ridley2004
Henry Schlimme2004
Becka Schlimme2004
Ben Testerman2004
Kat Shinoda2005
Debra Lenik2006
Elizabeth Caumont2006
Anna Lloyd2007
Lauren Fedor2007
Nicholas Char2008
Alexandra MaColl Garfinkle2008
Robert Roche2008
Francis Miller2009
Karen Gilbert2009
Madison McKee2010
Meredith Connor2011
Dennis Hong2011
John-Michael Sedor2011
Daquan Daly2012
Ari Yamaguchi2012
Rachel Wortmann2013
Justin Vogel2013
Alex Mull-Dreyer2014
Phil Cottone2014
Lindy Disman2014
Lizzie Brown2014
Rachna Kota2015
Steffanie Garzon2015
Evan Sanders2016
Lily Magliente2016
Hannah Zuckerberg2016
Rebecca Wortmann2016
Kevin Wang2018
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