Lacrosse – Boys Varsity

Our team philosophy is guided by the mission and values of Westtown School. We strive to compose a culturally diverse group of student-athletes from across the United States and multiple countries to unite under one common goal. We compete among some of the top programs in the country, and our athletes maintain the highest levels of academics to pair with elite lacrosse. Our players and coaches value strong communication skills, accountability, and a drive to improve constantly.

How We Train

  • Training begins with athletes understanding team concepts before stepping onto the field. Weekly “fall ball” practices help new players become acclimated and set a solid foundation for the team heading into the spring season.
  • During the season, our practices begin with out pregame warm-up, going through dynamic stretches, and skill position work. We then transition to full-field or half-field team drills, depending on the goals of practice. We focus on communication, trusting your teammates, skill development, and following scouting reports for upcoming games. We then transition to a scrimmage to simulate in-game scenarios and scout concepts for the remainder of practice.
  • We have team meetings for watching films and preparing for upcoming games. Players are expected to view films on their own time outside of scheduled team film sessions.

Player-Focused Philosophy

  • Athletically, we develop our players to be able to make a seamless transition to the college program they will attend. We coach our players to understand lacrosse fundamentals fully and appreciate the sport and its history. We understand that all team athletes may not aspire to play college lacrosse, but all players complete the same drills and training, regardless of skill level.
  • We foster relationships with our players so they can feel comfortable speaking with our coaching staff about anything, not just lacrosse. We build strong team bonds through scheduled team activities to build camaraderie within the team. We hold our players accountable for their actions and prepare them for increased professionalism at the next stage of college lacrosse.