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Community, Illuminated

Building a healthy, supportive community is an endeavor shared by all at Westtown. We have long made diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging a priority in curriculum, in professional development, and in community life. Our Strategic Vision – Lighting the Way – further articulates our goals and aspirations for this living and learning environment. 

  • We empower our students to lead the world toward a just and compassionate future. We bring together a multiplicity of voices and deepen our ability to honor that of God in all by engaging our whole community in the task of building a need-blind, anti-racist, inclusive school.
Westtown School Community
  • We endeavor to cultivate positive racial identity, allyship, and cultural competency, raise awareness of unconscious bias, mitigate the detrimental effects of privilege, and work towards dismantling structural racism.
  • We are working to dramatically increase diversity in each division in terms of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and other facets of personal identity.
  • We have engaged all Westonians in the work of creating a supportive environment for students, especially those from marginalized identity groups.
  • We aspire to maximize access to Westtown by expanding our ability to enroll students without regard to their financial capacity through robust philanthropy and auxiliary revenue.
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