Stock Transfer

Please be advised that a stock transfer for Westtown School should be handled as follows:

1) At least 24 hours before you expect the transfer to occur, have your broker contact Sarah Duda at or at 610-399-7839 to advise her that a gift is coming. Please specify:

a. purpose of the gift (Westtown Fund, Specific Endowed Fund, etc.)
b. number of shares
c. company name
d. stock symbol
e. brokerage institution that is sending it

2) Have your broker transfer the gift to:

First Clearing, LLC
DTC # 0141
FBO (for the benefit of) Westtown School
Account # 6849-4414

As transferred stock does not come into our account with donor information, it is important that either you or your broker let Westtown know when you are actually transferring the stock so that we can indicate it in our records. This helps to ensure that, if any questions arise regarding a stock transfer, our office has information regarding what transfers were expected.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if I may be of any further assistance.

Sarah Duda (she/her)

Director of Advancement Operations