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Reunion Giving

Many classes are interested in making a special gift to Westtown in honor of their reunion. Your
class’ reunion gift – to be publicized during Alumni Weekend – will be the total of all gifts made to
the Westtown Fund in the fiscal year (July 1-June 30) of your reunion.

All classes celebrating milestone reunions are asked to make a special effort to support the
Westtown Fund during their reunion years. Classes celebrating their 50th reunion may make a
capital gift to the school for a special project or endowed fund. Fundraising for 50th reunion gifts
may begin five years before the reunion, but not prior to the 45th reunion year. Fundraising for the
25th reunion may begin 3 years in advance.

What Counts Towards Our Reunion Gift?

Your class’ Reunion Gift is the total of all monetary gifts and pledges made in the fiscal year of the reunion
(July 1st to June 30th). We suggest that gifts be made no later than May 1st in order to be
recognized on Alumni Weekend.

Reunion Gifts Supporting the Westtown Fund

Those classes who are not supporting a special project or fund, are asked to focus on supporting the
Westtown Fund. By providing resources not already covered by tuition and fees, this fund prepares
our students to be stewards and leaders of a better world. The Westtown Fund is an annual campaign
to which alumni/ae/x, parents, and friends make donations to benefit the current year’s operating
budget. All donations to the Westtown Fund are utilized that same year and have a direct impact on
the lives of current students.

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